Setup Guide


  • iPhone or iPad with TrueDepth camera; iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPad 2018 or later
  • PC running Windows 7 or later
  • Apple iTunes installed on PC
  • OpenTrack installed on PC
  • KinoTracker driver installed on PC
  • KinoTracker iOS app installed on iPhone
  • USB cable connecting iPhone to PC

  • After installing all required software connect iPhone to PC via USB-cable. Make sure you can see iPhone on iTunes to ensure connection is working. itunes with iphone connected

    Find a place to set phone sideways USB-cable pointing left below or above your screen. Launch KinoTracker app. After it detects your face white wireframe mask is drawn on top of detected face.

    opentrack udp input

    Move your head around and rotate it to ensure tracking is maintained while moving.

    Last setup step is to configure tracking using free OpenTrack Windows application.

    opentrack udp input

    After launching OpenTrack from 'Input'-dropdown menu choose 'UDP over network'. For 'Output' choose protocol that your game supports. If you are uncertain try 'freetrack 2.0 enhanced'. Click 'Start'-button. Now octopus on OpenTrack-window should move and rotate according to your head movement. Fot more details how to set up OpenTrack please see OpenTrack wiki.

    You are now ready to launch your favourite game supporting head tracking. From in-game controller settings enable head-tracking.

    Having trouble setting up the app? Got some comments or feedback? You can reach us via e-mail.

    Below is setup video showing the steps described above